In 1989, Home Grown Hydro Farms was started in SW Washington. The goal was to bring fresh, local produce to the surrounding communities all year long. The outdoor growing season here is very short and while the produce is amazing during the Summer months, it was severely lacking the other 9 months of the year. We were able to lease 5500 square feet of greenhouse space that had been sitting vacant for years. We replaced the covers on them and made some modifications to the inside including adding supplemental lighting in order to be able to produce during the long, dark, PNW Winters. The cost of production was an issue due to the need for heating and lighting the buildings. At startup, we were also purchasing a commercially available nutrient. After the first few months, it became apparent that we needed to cut costs in order to keep the company profitable. Our three largest expenses were Heating, lighting, and nutrients. We knew we couldn’t lower the heating and lighting expense so we set out to formulate our own nutrients. With no internet in those days, it was off to the library to check out books on water chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, and botany. After a lot of late night reading, the first blends were formulated and sent out for testing. After making some small changes, we came up with what is now known as “HGV growth formula”. We realized a 90% savings over the commercial nutrient line we started with which enabled us to stay in business and continue to grow.  As time went on, we expanded the business and the different types of produce we supplied to stores, restaurants, and sold at farmers markets.  We also continued to develop the original formula to suit a wide variety of crops all growing from a single fertigation system. That is still the current formula we offer to you today. It has been tested for over 29 years by hundreds of commercial farmers and home gardeners and has continued to work in all types of climates and grow media, and on hundreds of types of vegetables, herbs, and fruiting trees.