Home Grown Ventures is more than just nutrients.

Services we offer

Custom blends to match your water source:  Not everyone has great water for growing with. Depending on your location and whether you are on a well, city, or county water supply, your water might not be suitable to grow with. A simple lab test can reveal potential problems that most times can be overcome with small adjustments to our standard formulas. Custom blends are far less expensive than filtering and many times are a great option. Please contact us to ask about the testing process and interpreting the results.

Design and installation of fertigation systems: We have been using Dosatron injectors in our commercial greenhouses for over 25 years and now offer system design and in some cases, depending on location, complete installations in your facility. We are also a distributor for Dosatron and can usually supply you with their products at unbeatable pricing. Contact us to discuss your needs or with any questions regarding automating your fertigation/watering system.

Integrated Pest Management: Lets face it, every grower has had to deal with pests on their crop at some point. We are firm believers in using beneficial insects rather than any type of pesticide. We started using beneficial insects on all of our crops in 1993 and have not used a chemical pesticide since then. For every “bad bug” there are multiple “good bugs” available to eliminate them. Misuse and illegal use of pesticides has become epidemic in this country and has led to product recalls and unsafe product reaching the market. It has also led to insects becoming resistant to many chemicals causing even more problems. Beneficial insects eat or parasitize their pray, and no bug has ever become resistant to that!  Let us help you make the switch to a safer, healthier alternative.