About Us

Home Grown Ventures, the manufacturers of HGV plant nutrients have been involved in commercial agriculture for over 25 years. We have been using our products in the production of greenhouse fruit and vegetable crops for as long as we have been in business. We are finally offering the same high quality nutrients for commercial as well as home use.

Our 2-part nutrient formulas are for people who want to grow a few indoor plants, in their outdoor garden or greenhouse, and for large commercial growers for all types of end products. It is a 100% completely water soluble plant nutrient. It can be used in many types of growing systems and media such as NFT, DWC, rockwool, coir, soilless blends, and soil. HGV plant nutrients provide all of the primary, secondary, and micro elements needed for most crops. Our nutrient will improve your end product quality and increase yield for less money than you are spending on your current nutrient line.

HGV nutrients are packaged as a powder with directions on the label. We have included a package insert with instructions on how to turn our products into a stock solution (liquid concentrate) as well as instructions on how to make a ready to use nutrient.

HGV nutrients are available in 1lb, 2lb, 4lb and 10lb packages. Larger quantities and custom formulations are available to meet your needs. Call or email for pricing on larger quantities and custom formulas. We can formulate to your specific water supply with very little to no additional cost. A mineral content water test will be needed for this service. There are many labs around the country that can perform this test for around $35.

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