Commercial Agriculture

Whether you have a small farm or acres of greenhouse produce, HGV plant nutrients can help increase your yield and quality while lowering cost of production.

How HGV plant nutrients were invented

In 1989, Home Grown Hydro Farms was started in SW Washington. The goal was to bring fresh, local produce to the surrounding communities all year long. The outdoor growing season here is very short and while the produce is amazing during the Summer months, it was severely lacking the other 9 months of the year.


HGV plant nutrients work in any growing media

Over the last 29 years, we have used and tested HGV plant nutrients in every growing medium we could find. NFT, DWC, flood and drain systems, rockwool, coir(coconut), many different “soilless” mixes, and even soil. So far, we have not a found a media that HGV nutrients have not performed exceptionally well in. We will happily offer growing advice on any media that you might currently be using or plan to use in the future. Pictured to the left are tomatoes growing in rockwool and coir, and lettuce and melons in NFT trays.


Suitable for any type of water and watering system.

Water quality plays a huge role in nutrient availability and plant health as well as being able to automate your watering and feeding. HGV plant nutrients have been used in both soft and hard water with outstanding results. Knowing what’s in your water and what, if any adjustments need to be made is a simple process that we can help you with. Depending on the mineral content, alkalinity, and pH of your source water, filtration or small changes in the standard formula can fix problems you might not even have realized were present. Mineral content can also be a problem for drip irrigation or fertigation systems leading to clogged emitters and plant damage. Call or email us today for help with getting a detailed water analysis and interpreting the results. We can also design a fertigation system and program to save you time and labor costs.

The image to the left shows two different well water tests. Both of these water sources are using HGV plant nutrients successfully. The test on the top uses the standard formula and the test on the bottom required a custom formula to match the existing mineral content. The farm that we made the custom formula for was having major crop nutritional problems with every commercial nutrient they tried before we had them send in their water test and switch to the custom formula.