Ron Goldman

Founder of Home Grown Hydro Farms(est.1989), Ron Goldman Photography(est.2006) and Home Grown Ventures(est.2014)

The long journey to my career in commercial agriculture began in 1967 when I planted a single honeydew seed into the sand in our backyard in Arizona. All of my family members told me it wouldn’t grow but I was a very stubborn 4 year old that was not going to believe the doubters. I still remember the disbelief I felt a few months later when our basset hound ate the single melon that my plant “that would never grow” produced. I guess I should have harvested it sooner! That was the first step in my life long obsession with farming. In 1989, I started “Home Grown Hydro Farms”, a commercial hydroponic produce company. Much like my first attempt at farming, I was met with so much negativity and an unending chorus of “that won’t work”, “you can’t do that”, you’ll be out of business in the first year”, etc. Fortunately I never lost that stubbornness I had as a 4 year old and went on to become the leading producer of greenhouse vegetables in this area. Over the last 29 years, I have designed, built, and managed over an acre of commercial greenhouses, created my own line of plant nutrients, designed and installed multiple fertigation systems,  as well as turning a long time hobby, photography, into a commercial business venture.